Our services

Our services are varied. We try to list some of the most critical services that we provide through the site. There are also many other services that we can provide according to your needs and business requirements.

Technical support services

Otatel provides technical support services in several distinct ways to ensure that the inquiries and problems of the Company’s system users are answered, as Otatel offers technical support services in Germany, through direct contact or the ticket system for immediate support or by e-mail. Then The technical support and customer services team takes quick action to solve the problem and answer inquiries.

The technical team working in Otatel is distinguished by experience and dynamism. It is based on the outcome of years of work and outstanding expertise in this field, supported by the continuous training programs that the Company carries out for its team regularly to ensure that they provide a distinguished service.

Otatel provides practical solutions that help customers protect the future of their existing applications and extend their lifespan as long as the customer’s business requires it. It allows customers to avoid costly implementations and unnecessary upgrades to hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware, and browsers. Reduces the total cost of ownership and extends the support life of your enterprise software releases.

We aim to always be a leader in the field of technical solutions

Reliance on the latest computerized technologies in all fields

Plans, packages, and prices that suit all individuals, institutions, and centers

Networks Services

We also specialize in installing and supporting networks. We have extensive experience with Microsoft products and global Internet systems to provide technical support for all networks and devices.

Otatel works on designing and maintaining networks for small, medium, and large companies in Germany with precision and provides its customers with the best services. Also, Otatel manages systems, provides technical support under annual contracts, and focuses on preventive maintenance to prevent and reduce malfunctions.

The services we provide are:

  1. Network design
  2. Network implementation
  3. Technical support for networks
  4. Network administration
  5. Network maintenance
  6. Network design

Businesses depend on the network infrastructure, so Otatel aims to do a thorough study of all administrative objectives and requirements. Then develop appropriate designs for the network to ensure efficiency and speed the systems from any imbalances or malfunctions that may lead to the stoppage of the Company’s productivity.

Our company has full experience in the business and development of small, medium, and extensive networks.

We also guarantee our security plans, the internal and external protection system to submit necessary reports to correct imbalances for the networks through intrusion detection systems and anti-virus solutions for devices and others to avoid potential security problems.

Thus we guarantee complete safety and commitment through us.

We always welcome our valued customers and guarantee you the best services for all companies, large and small.

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